WBL is a multiuser bellringing simulator.

It is currently under active development. Under construction are a server, a Mac client, and a linux command-line client. There will be more clients in the future.

Visit our forums to ask questions or post comments about the WBL system. We also have some screenshots of the MacOS client available - although please bear in mind that it is mid-development!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bell ringing?
Bell ringing, as referred to in relation to WBL, is the ringing of hand or tower bells in a set pattern; also known as change ringing. More information is available on the North American Guild of Change Ringers website.
Isn't there already some bell ringing software?
There certainly is; the most popular software is Abel. Abel is designed to let you practice methods with the computer ringing all but one (or two) of the bells. WBL has no such computer generated ringing, but instead allows users to ring methods with other humans, over the internet or a network.
What actually is WBL?
WBL is a specification, firstly. It lays out how the clients interact with the servers. We are also developing our own server, and a selection of clients. It is our hope that others will develop more clients to use with the WBL system in the future.
Which platforms does the server run on?
The server should run on most platforms. It is being developed under Debian. When it is nearer completion we will test it on as many platforms as we can.
What platforms are you creating clients for?
The MacOS client (iBell) is over half-way to completion. A linux client is also under development. More clients are in the planning stages.
How will I use a WBL client?
Precise usage depends on the client; however, most of them will work in a similar way. A user must 'take hold' of one or more bells. After this is done, they can ring them by pressing a key. It is up to the users to agree on which method to ring in advance. There will also be keys to press to perform calls during the ringing. Users will see the bells arranged in a circle on the screen, with images showing whether the bell is at hand or backstroke.
How will users communicate on WBL?
Within each 'tower' there will be a chat box alongside the ring of bells; this functions like a normal chatroom and lets users communicate. Private messaging will also be supported.
What licence will WBL products be?
The server at least will be GPL. Client licenses have not been decided.
What does WBL stand for anyway?
I'm not sure. Maybe nobody knows!